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NEWS | Feb. 29, 2016

Welcome Aboard



Welcome to life in northern Japan. These are truly exciting times and you will be challenged and rewarded during your assignment.
First step is to obtain a sponsor. Please email the CTF72 Sponsor Coordinator to do so:
The following information is provided to help ensure your smooth transition to Misawa, Japan.
Communicate frequently with your sponsor and use the updated information provided. It is strongly recommended that you visit the nearest Fleet & Family services center and obtain current information about Misawa, Japan from the websites below. With this information and your sponsor's assistance, your transfer will be a smooth one.

The following sites are available via the internet with information for: Base maps, Airman & Family Readiness Center, Child Development Center, Family Child Care, Pet kennel, School Age Program, Misawa ITT, Fitness Center, Dining Facilities, Spousal Employment, and Hotel Accommodations. (Misawa base information)
(Get Your Move Started)
(Adjust your TriCare information)

Misawa city is located on the northern end of Honshu Island in the southeast corner of Aomori prefecture. Tokyo is approximately 400 miles south. The Pacific Ocean lies to the east and Lake Ogawara to the west. Misawa city has a population of approximately 43,000 and the surrounding area is rural. The closest major cities are Aomori and Hachinohe, both within easy driving distance from Misawa. Recreational facilities abound on and off base for off-duty enjoyment and, of course, living in Japan is a very unique experience in itself.

PETS: Please be advised that Japan has very strict pet importing standards. If you have not started the process of preparing your pet please click here to learn more.

Privately owned vehicles (POV) including motorcycles, have shipment restrictions in Japan. It is strongly recommended to have your vehicle stored in CONUS and to purchase a used vehicle here in Japan. Contact your Personal Property and Household Goods office for verification. Additionally, please be sure to track the status of your household goods shipment online at:

WEATHER ADVISERY: Misawa has well-defined seasons even though weather patterns can differ greatly from day to day. Though short, autumn is beautiful with pleasant temperatures, late-blooming flowers, and the changing colors of the trees. The air is clean and brisk. However, by mid-November winter can sneak up on you and drop a few inches of snow only to be pushed out again by milder weather. Winter gets serious in late November, peaks in January and February (20's to 30's), and starts fading near the end of March. Strong winds often intensify the cold temperatures with wind-chill in the teens. Snowfall is erratic. Misawa averages about 140 inches per year but snow does not usually accumulate here. Storms can drop 10 inches or more on us but they are infrequent. However even the heaviest snowfalls can melt quickly. Icy roads are the greater concern as the sunshine will often melt the ice and then as afternoon temperatures cool down, the water from the melted snow and ice refreezes. In early spring, the winds often switch and come from the east off the ocean and are often quite strong. As the ice and snow clear and the ground dries, dust storms become a hazard near farm fields as farmers prepare for planting. May is usually quite pleasant with warm temperatures. However, sea fog is common in the morning or early evening. The onset of summer usually brings the rainy season. This normally begins in mid to late-June and continues for an unpredictable period of time. However, it normally clears out around mid to late July. The end of July through August can get quite hot. It is not uncommon to turn on your heater one day because of the chill and dampness associated with the rainy season and be looking for the fan or air conditioning a few days later as the clouds clear and the heat and humidity take over.

Congratulations on your orders and welcome to the CTF-72 team!